The Matthews’ Collection

Sarah Samuels is pleased to offer a unique opportunity to view and purchase from The Matthews’ Art Collection. Owing to Bobbie and Geoff home-downsizing, their complete eclectic collection of Victorian and contemporary paintings, drawings, miniatures and jazz photographs is available during the weekend of Thursday 6 July to Sunday 9 July.


Artists featured include:
Alexander George
Alsop Frederick
Appleton Eric
Arkwright Ronald
Atkins Helen
Bale Edwin RI, NWS
Balkwill Ray SWAc
Barden David
Barrow Susie
Beason ‘Merve’
Bentley Paul FRPS
Biffin Sarah (1784-1850)
Bishop Roger
Bown Derick
Brindley Robert RSMA
Brocklebank Andrew E. PLAA (1862-1958)
Burgess-Shorrocks Alfred PRCA (1919-1988)
Burleigh Bruhl Louis RBA Ex. (1862-1942)
Burley Margaret E.
Burns Robert
Burton Maureg
Chandler Beryl
Corcoran Susan
Cryer Ian
Donovan Amy Gladys
Du Cane Ella (1874-1943)
Dudley Tom Ex. (1879-1910)
Duncan Edward RWS, RI (1803-1882)
Ellis William
Evans William Ex. (1797-1808)
Even Juan
Filshie Enid
Ford Jeremy
Gee Arthur
Gibbons Ruth
Gifford Andrew
Gilroy John T. FRSA, ARCA (1898-1985)
Gozzard Walter J.
Gratton Rosemary
Hardy Meadows J. (1912-2008)
Hobdey William T. late 19thC
Holgate Ernest
Hollings Irene
Howard Ken RA, NEAC
Humphreys Gordon
Jepson Sybil Ex. RA (1929)
Johnson Anne
Johnson George
Juanola Salvador Collel
Lancaster Percy (1878-1951)
McGurk Barbara
Metcalfe G. M.
Morris Andrew
Newbold David
Ost Norma
Owen Peter
Owens Patricia
Palmar Duncan
Parker Ian
Perry Paul
Pickles John
Purdie James (1900-1972)
Ragon Adolphe Ex. (1872-1924)
Richardson Thomas Miles (1813-1890)
Ritter Laslo
Rogerson Joyce RMS
Sauter Rudolph H. RI, RBA, RWA (1895-1977)
Seddon Richard
Selby John
Smith Lillian
Smithson S. M.
Stokle R. P.
Titterley Hazel M. RCA
Walker Pauline
Walsh James
Wastie Sarah
Whydale Ernest H. ARE b. 1886 Ex. 1910-1923
Zehentner John